About Us

We believe that the difference between a house and a home is just one thing: love.

DaOne is a reflection of everything that its founders – Aesha and Shikhar Dhawan – hold dear in life. No matter how much they might achieve out there in the world, the two place family first. And the place which holds their family together – the home – is their sanctuary, their sanctum sanctorum.

A deep-seated love to design their home to be a reflection of their priorities gradually translated into helping you to do the same with the help of a wide range of products which marry beauty with practicality. Their commitment to remain strong individuals alongside making the home a place where the entire family can flourish translates into a brand that is exceptional, individualistic and thoughtful.

Paying homage to our motherland in the form of Indian arts and techniques.

At DaOne, we believe in and celebrate the potency of love, and infuse everything we make and do with the four-lettered word. That is why, our product is not simply décor that will look beautiful in your space; it’s one crafted with passion and meant to evoke a reaction, one meant for an enduring relationship.

We seek out and collaborate with independent artists, designers and craftsmen who put together thoughtful design and exceptional quality. Through our range, you will see us paying homage to our motherland in the form of Indian arts and techniques, but always in a voice that is contemporary and at home anywhere in the world. Allow us to introduce you to a better way in furniture – with affordable luxury you’ll be proud to call your own.

Our values lie at the heart of everything we do

They are not just mere words but a beacon that reminds us how to go about achieving what we’ve set out to do. We take pride in collaborating with extremely talented craftsmen in India and breathing life into their work. We want our products to reflect the hard work put into them by the ones creating them.